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Reg. No: K9484

Conventional Urea


NitreXTM is an astonishing nitrogen-based granular fertilizer marked by its unique red appearance. NitreXTM is different to other urea products due to its specific qualities relating to urease and nitrification. The extremely precise properties of NitreXTM promotes excellent and effective distribution and absorption of nitrogen.

What are the shortfalls of urea?

  • Urea is by far the most commonly used source of nitrogen worldwide in N-based fertilizers
  • Urea transitions very quickly to ammonia when it comes into contact with the soil
  • Most soil bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. contain the enzyme urease

Benefits of NitreXTM compared to urea?

  • NitreXTM contains an urease inhibitor that prevents conversion of urea to the NH3 gas phase, where it is volatile. The loss of nitrogen is therefore limited and NitreXTM is suitable for surface application. The urea does not convert to NH3 therefore giving the urea a chance to penetrate the ground, where it will not be volatile
  • NitreXTM – the red fertilizer – contains a nitrification inhibitor. It supresses the conversion of NH4+ to NO3-. The release of nitrate is more controlled and the result is less leaching of nitrogen
  • The high concentration of N means that there is a significant difference in the price/kg of N. This is in favour of NitreXTM when compared to other sources of N‑fertilizer
  • Urease is responsible for the conversion of urea to ammonia gas
  • Ammonia gas then converts to ammonium
  • If urea is applied to the soil surface and it is not immediately followed by rain/irrigation, volatilisation in the form of ammonia gas occurs

How does a fantastic product get better?

  • NitreX-STM [1:0:0 (36)+10% S]
  • Ready available N in the form of NH4+
  • Benefit of urease inhibitor
  • Benefit of nitrification inhibitor
  • High sulphur concentration
  • Applications of NitreX and NitreX-S
  • Pre-plant and pre-plant mixtures
  • Top-fertilization and top-fertilization methods
  • Need specific planter mix
  • Ready available N in the form of NH4+
  • Benefit of urease inhibitor
  • Benefit of nitrification inhibitor
  • High sulphur concentration

Applications of NitreXTM and NitreX-STM

  • Pre-plant and pre-plant mixtures
  • Top-fertilization and top-fertilization methods
  • Need specific planter mixtures
  • Top dressing (pastures)

Triomf SA MicrosZ


Micros Z is a simple product which is mainly used to compliment other liquid fertilizer products. It consists of high levels of various inorganic trace elements, and will usually accompany another product in volumes determined by the requirements of a specific crop.

Micros Z acts as an ideal enhancer to TRIOMF POP-UP, TRIOMF Bakgat, TRIOMF Mushe Maize and other TRIOMF liquid fertilizers, specialities and foliar feeds. Micros Z can also be used on its own with success as an application rich in trace elements.

The administration as a liquid application in the furrows is essential considering the zinc at 50 000 dpm. Zinc and maize go hand in hand therefore Micros Z can also help the plant in rectifying the inducing manganese and zinc shortages following a glyphosate spraying.

Another important use is the application as a foliar spraying for pecan nuts throughout the season due to its zinc deficiency. Together, Tri‑AminoTM and LAPP work in perfect synergism. The composition of the micros promotes plant health considering the strengthening abilities of manganese, copper and zinc in the fight against fungal infections.

Also contributing to the functioning of the legume nodules are the elements cobalt and molybdenum which further highlight the necessity of furrow administration as well as one or two foliar sprayings during the season.

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Reg. No: B4806

Liquid Lime is a pre-plant soil preperation product which enhances and improves soil quality and soil health. Liquid Lime is easily applied directly to the plant-band. The application of Liquid Lime is essential to start a succesful plant cycle.

Properties and benefits of Liquid Lime:

  • An ultra micro-fine calcium carbonate slurry
  • Manufactured from a high purity white marble (limestone)
  • Contains an appropriate biocide
  • A colloidal suspension and reactive substance
  • Disperses very effectively into soil due to it being colloidal
  • Has a 100% Relative Resin Suspension Rate
  • Has 100% immediate efficacy in neutralizing surface-soil acidity in the plant-band
  • Has an intensity factor of 100%

Liquid Lime is a limestone suspension which acts as a multi-purpose application product. The calcium carbonate component is super-fine meaning fast reaction with targeted application, whether used as a soil or leaf application. Calcium is needed in large quantities in soil because plants and crops need sufficient quantities of calcium for healthy growth and production. Therefore, Liquid Lime will solve the problem whenever a case of calcium deficiency is detected in the soil or if the calcium uptake is limited by factors such as low pH, acidic soils or improper nutrient balances. Liquid Lime ensures highly reactive calcium application when applied to the soil due to micro-fine particle size, high neutralization capability and high-specific mass. Therefore soil pH will increase in the immediate surrounds and plant nutrition will be optimized. Liquid Lime is very smooth, easy to handle and suspends well in water meaning it is well suited as a foliar application for calcium nutrition. From a plant nutrition point of view, Liquid Lime hits the target.



Reg. No: K9366

LAPPTM is a concentrated ammonium polyphosphate solution that can be used as a starter fertilizer and/or a foliar fertilizer to replace other forms of phosphate fertilizer, including granular blends. LAPPTM ensures rapid and excellent root development and root distribution resulting in plant growth consistency and optimum nutrient uptake. The ease of application of this high-performance fertilizer makes it a cost-effective alternative to conventional granular products. The booster effect in LAPPTM provides the growing plant with nutrition for optimum growth. The producer can look forward to excellent and flourishing crops delivering high yield percentages.

Bakgat Liquid Fertilizer Logo

BakgatTM is TRIOMF’s new instant energy drink. It contains as a foliar, all the tonic ingredients and various micro-elements to maximise the plant’s growth potential. Phosphate supplies energy, magnesium strengthens the plant’s “factory” as the core of chlorophyll and with much higher levels of potassium than other products, we can say that the plant’s turbo is boosted.


Bakgat Broadleaf is TRIOMF’s specialised foliar feed specifically developed for broadleaf crops like soybeans, peanuts and leguminous plants. Bakgat Broadleaf contains nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium, sulphur and various micronutrients. The role of phosphate is to supply energy to the growing plant. Potassium is associated with the movement of water, nutrients and carbohydrates within the plant which stimulates early growth, increases protein production, maximises water usage and increases resistance to insects and disease.

BakgatTM and Bakgat Broadleaf contains amino ingredients such as fulvic and humic acids, enzymes and super-concentrated micronutrients i.e. iron, copper, zinc, manganese, boron and molibdenym to promote enzyme reductase, protein synthesis, chlorophyll production, growth regulators, the development of new cells and roots, and to activate nitrate reductase. Bakgat Broadleaf also contains cobalt in addition to the common amino acids and micronutrients found in BakgatTM. Cobalt is one of the most important micro nutrients for leguminous plants because these enzyme systems of the rhizobium bacteria are known to contain cobalamin. There is a correlation between cobalt concentrations and the fixation of nitrogen and root nodule development. Both products ensure an energized, strong and nutritious plant.


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