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Reg. No: B4806

Liquid Lime is a pre-plant soil preperation product which enhances and improves soil quality and soil health. Liquid Lime is easily applied directly to the plant-band. The application of Liquid Lime is essential to start a succesful plant cycle.

Properties and benefits of Liquid Lime:

  • An ultra micro-fine calcium carbonate slurry
  • Manufactured from a high purity white marble (limestone)
  • Contains an appropriate biocide
  • A colloidal suspension and reactive substance
  • Disperses very effectively into soil due to it being colloidal
  • Has a 100% Relative Resin Suspension Rate
  • Has 100% immediate efficacy in neutralizing surface-soil acidity in the plant-band
  • Has an intensity factor of 100%

Liquid Lime is a limestone suspension which acts as a multi-purpose application product. The calcium carbonate component is super-fine meaning fast reaction with targeted application, whether used as a soil or leaf application. Calcium is needed in large quantities in soil because plants and crops need sufficient quantities of calcium for healthy growth and production. Therefore, Liquid Lime will solve the problem whenever a case of calcium deficiency is detected in the soil or if the calcium uptake is limited by factors such as low pH, acidic soils or improper nutrient balances. Liquid Lime ensures highly reactive calcium application when applied to the soil due to micro-fine particle size, high neutralization capability and high-specific mass. Therefore soil pH will increase in the immediate surrounds and plant nutrition will be optimized. Liquid Lime is very smooth, easy to handle and suspends well in water meaning it is well suited as a foliar application for calcium nutrition. From a plant nutrition point of view, Liquid Lime hits the target.

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