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Triple TenTM (10:10:10) combines the best of conventional inputs with cutting-edge organics to provide a unique high production option for both fruit and vegetable producers as well as broad acre farmers. The developers of Triple TenTM (Nutri-Tech Solutions - NTS) promote an approach coined "Fusion Fertilizing", where the performance and sustainability of N-P-K and trace element blends are dramatically enhanced through the inclusion of potent organics.

Carbon-buffering and natural chelation are two of the processes involved in the boosting of N-P-K components. The N-P-K elements in the Triple TenTM formulation are derived from "hot-mix" N-P-K. "Hot-mix" N-P-K is manufactured using a special process developed by NTS. Three incompatible N-P-K concentrates are blended, creating a violent chemical reaction. The fusion generates such extreme heat that the mixture can "boil" for up to two days.

When the solution has returned to normal temperature, the three ingredients have formed a totally different chemical compound. This potent, new N-P-K contains low sodium levels, has a neutral pH and is non-corrosive. The negatives associated with the parent materials are no longer present yet offer an important gain: Plant growth is promoted by the energy released by fertilizers rather than by the actual fertilizers themselves.

The clean, powerful N-P-K chemical component is complimented by the addition of a complete range of chelated trace elements. This high quality N-P-K / trace element base is then used to build a totally new kind of fertilizer, involving natural growth promoters, micro-organisms, amino acids, enzymes, protein, colloidal minerals and vitamins.

Natural growth promoters, enzymes, broad-spectrum trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and micro-organisms are some of the components in Triple TenTM which are required for crop quality and maximum yields.

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This high-performance, quick-release potassium / amino acid combines nutritional and fast absorbency abilities for instant results in stressed crops and also boosts growth and development.

Tri-AminoTM is a complete organic, high-carbon, high-brix plant extract. Its composition and perfect ratios of all the essential plant nutrients make it a perfect partner to all inorganic (high salt index) fertilizers with the high humic acid content acting as an ideal buffer. A balanced nutrition program for any crop will take chemical, physical and biological aspects of the soil into consideration. Of these three, the "biological" component has traditionally suffered the most and is the one best addressed by Tri-AminoTM, when taking its full complement of 19 amino acids into account.

Tri-AminoTM will be used as a complete fertilizer. Of the trace elements – all of which are required in very low amounts – silicon (Si) is considered high and available in plants. Fertilizers feed the plant while Tri-AminoTM feeds the soil making both equally important for viable and sustainable crop production.

One can say that Tri-AminoTM acts as a booster for plant energy especially during a crop's reproductive stage. When it comes to maize, wheat, soya and peanuts, foliar spraying assists in building up a resistance to disease as well as bolstering yields during the reproductive phase.

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Micros ZTM is a simple product which is mainly used to compliment other liquid fertilizer products. It consists of high levels of various inorganic trace elements, and will usually accompany another product in volumes determined by the requirements of a specific crop.

Micros ZTM acts an ideal enhancer to TRIOMF DynamoTM, TRIOMF BakgatTM, TRIOMF Mushe MaizeTM and other TRIOMF liquid fertilizers, specialities and foliar feeds. Micros ZTM can also be used on its own with success as application rich in trace elements.

The administration as a liquid application in the furrows is essential considering the zinc at 50 000dpm. Zinc and maize go hand in hand therefore Micros ZTM can also help the plant in rectifying the inducing manganese and zinc shortages following a glyphosate spraying.

Another important use is the application as a foliar spraying for pecan nuts throughout the season due to its zinc deficiency. Together, Tri-AminoTM and LAPPTM work in perfect synergy. The composition of the micros promotes plant health considering the strengthening abilities of manganese, copper and zinc in the fight against fungal infections.

Also contributing to the functioning of the legume nodules are the elements cobalt and molybdenum which further highlight the necessity of furrow administration as well as one or two foliar sprayings during the season.

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Reg. No: B4802

DynamoTM is a concentrated suspension ideal for soil and foliar-application, uniquely designed to accelerate germination and to strengthen the new seedling unlike any other product in its class. DynamoTM ensures quick and even germination and promotes strong root-development, equipping the young plant to have improved resistance against environmental stress and disease. DynamoTM contains elements crucial for the establishment of nitrogen-binding rhizobium bacteria. Micro-elements such as boron and silicon as well as vitamins, humates and amino acids serve as prolonged nutrition for the seedling prior to germination. Unsurpassed results obtained from clinical tests have proven DynamoTM to be the best start-up growth promoter and root development product available on the market.

With the use of a start-up booster like DynamoTM, the young and mature plant will require less conventional fertilizer, reducing production input costs. A growth support product developed in South Africa, when applied in the plant furrow, will aid in establishment and encourage vigorous seedling establishment. The use of DynamoTM can also minimise the necessity to replant due to unfavourable conditions that lead to poor stands. Where regular wind damage occurs on crops, especially on young plants, DynamoTM will aid through ensuring fast and healthy growth in the early plant growth stages.

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Reg. No: B4806

Liquid LimeTM is a pre-plant soil preparation product which enhances and improves soil quality and soil health. Liquid LimeTM is easily applied directly to the plant-band. The application of Liquid LimeTM is essential to start a successful plant cycle.

Properties and benefits of Liquid LimeTM:

  • An ultra-micro-fine calcium carbonate slurry
  • Manufactured from a high purity white marble (limestone)
  • Contains an appropriate biocide
  • A colloidal suspension and reactive substance
  • Disperses very effectively into soil due to it being colloidal
  • Has a 100% Relative Resin Suspension Rate
  • Has 100% immediate efficacy in neutralizing surface-soil acidity in the plant-band
  • Has an intensity factor of 100%


Liquid LimeTM is a limestone suspension which acts as a multi-purpose application product. The calcium carbonate component is super-fine meaning fast reaction with targeted application, whether used as a soil or leaf application. Calcium is needed in large quantities in soil because plants and crops need sufficient quantities of calcium for healthy growth and production. Therefore, Liquid Lime will solve the problem whenever a case of calcium deficiency is detected in the soil or if the calcium uptake is limited by factors such as low pH, acidic soils or improper nutrient balances.


Liquid LimeTM ensures highly reactive calcium application when applied to the soil due to micro-fine particle size, high neutralization capability and high-specific mass. Therefore, soil pH will increase in the immediate surrounds and plant nutrition will be optimized. Liquid LimeTM is very smooth, easy to handle and suspends well in water meaning it is well suited as a foliar application for calcium nutrition. From a plant nutrition point of view, Liquid LimeTM hits the target.

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