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Reg. No: K9484

NitreXTM is an astonishing nitrogen-based granular fertilizer marked by its unique red appearance. NitreXTM is different to other urea products due to its specific qualities relating to urease and nitrification. The extremely precise properties of NitreXTM promotes excellent and effective distribution and absorption of nitrogen.


What are the shortfalls of urea?
  • Urea is by far the most commonly used source of nitrogen worldwide in N-based fertilizers
  • Urea transitions very quickly to ammonia when it comes into contact with the soil
  • Most soil bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. contain the enzyme urease
Benefits of NitreXTM compared to urea?
  1. NitreXTM contains an urease inhibitor that prevents conversion of urea to the NH3 gas phase, where it is volatile. The loss of nitrogen is therefore limited and NitreXTM is suitable for surface application. The urea does not convert to NH3 therefore giving the urea a chance to penetrate the ground, where it will not be volatile
  2. NitreXTM - the red fertilizer - contains a nitrification inhibitor. It supresses the conversion of NH4+ to NO3-. The release of nitrate is more controlled and the result is less leaching of nitrogen
  3. The high concentration of N means that there is a significant difference in the price/kg of N. This is in favour of NitreXTM when compared to other sources of N-fertilizer
  • Urease is responsible for the conversion of urea to ammonia gas
  • Ammonia gas then converts to ammonium
  • If urea is applied to the soil surface and it is not immediately followed by rain/irrigation, volatilisation in the form of ammonia gas occurs
How does a fantastic product get better?
NitreX-STM [1:0:0 (36)+10% S]
  • Ready available N in the form of NH4+
  • Benefit of urease inhibitor
  • Benefit of nitrification inhibitor
  • High sulphur concentration
Applications of NitreXTM and NitreX-STM
  • Pre-plant and pre-plant mixtures
  • Top-fertilization and top-fertilization methods
  • Need specific planter mixtures
  • Top dressing (pastures)

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Reg. No: K9485

PolitainTM includes a sophisticated, balanced, predominantly organic coating, glazing every individual fertilizer granule as an urea coating. PolitainTM has a complex composition of a unique ratio between micro-organisms, enzymes, organic acids, melanin, peptides, polysaccharide, vitamins and minerals. Specialised stabilisers and bonding agents are utilised to maintain product integrity and reaction time.

The effective use of PolitainTM leads to more effective nitrogen absorption by the plant with reduced energy consumption.

The specific characteristics and actions of PolitainTM include:
  • Stabilising of soil-pH
  • Improvement of soil moisture and water retention abilities
  • Promotion of microbial life for healthy soil
  • Limited leaching of nitrate
  • Conversion of soil nutrients suitable for plant absorption
  • Acceleration of germination
  • Improvement of root development, root growth and root structure
  • Optimising total plant growth ultimately resulting in increased yields
Applications of PolitainTM :
  • Pre-plant and plant mixtures
  • Need-specific planter mixtures

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Reg. No: K9366

LAPPTM is a concentrated ammonium polyphosphate solution that can be used as a starter fertilizer and/or a foliar fertilizer to replace other forms of phosphate fertilizer, including granular blends. LAPPTM ensures rapid and excellent root development and root distribution resulting in plant growth consistency and optimum nutrient uptake. The ease of application of this high-performance fertilizer makes it a cost-effective alternative to conventional granular products. The booster effect in LAPPTM provides the growing plant with nutrition for optimum growth. The producer can look forward to excellent and flourishing crops delivering high yield percentages.


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  • NitroPlus is South Africa's first TRUE Homogeneous single granule fertilizer
  • This remarkable and total composition of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and other elements is a first-of-its-kind, now made available by TRIOMF Fertilizer
  • The NitroPlus single granule is perfectly round with balanced hardness which ensures on time release of elements
  • The composition of the NitroPlus particle is homogeneous, thus all ingredients are completely mixed and distributed and are summarized in each grain
  • All the pioneering technology of TRIOMF Fertilizer products is contained in NitroPlus
  • Unique formulations of NitroPlus can be manufactured according to soil and plant requirements
  • NitroPlus will soon be available in various tailor-made combinations

nitroplus 1

The 1st TRUE 1-granule fertilizer in South Africa

The 1st all-in-one Formula

The 1st of its kind

The 1 for you

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