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Agri Xcellence is made up of a team of professionals for whom the principles of sustainability and profitability are of utmost importance. The Agri Xcellence outfit includes soil surveyors, soil scientists and agronomists who are all qualified at tertiary level from various top-notch colleges and universities across South Africa.

They are all affiliated to a variety of professional organisations including the renowned South African Council for Professionals in Natural Sciences (SACNASP). Combined, the team shares over a century's experience in applied agri-sciences in the fields of crop production, applied soil sciences and irrigation planning to name a few.

As the biggest and most experienced team of its kind in Africa, they have raised the bar and continue to maintain a standard of excellence. One needs to look no further than their track record which speaks for itself and boasts of numerous successfully completed projects in several countries spread throughout the continent like:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Congo
  • Zambia
  • Malawi
  • Swaziland
  • Cameroon
  • South Africa
  • Sierra Leone
  • Mozambique

The Parc Agro initiative at Bukanga-Lonzo, a first-of-its-kind in the DRC and one of the teams' biggest and most recent projects, is essentially a concept of agricultural land development with the implementation of the necessary infrastructure to support a self-sustained economic unit. Read more about this project on


  • Soil classification
  • Soil chemical grids
  • Soil moisture management
  • Crop monitoring and production
  • Data processing

Of course when it comes to pinpoint accuracy in agriculture, the intricate puzzle wouldn't be complete without RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) technology. Enter the world of drones and read more about this project on



As the above suggests, TRIOMF has taken the lead when it comes to precision farming through the efforts of their qualified team who are passionate and purposeful in assisting the food producer in obtaining optimum yields for maximum profits. Farmers are familiar with chemical grid analysis, but by joining forces with the TRIOMF Agri Xcellence team, the producer has access to a complete, integrated picture. Integrated soil classification and soil chemical analysis together with yield information explain abnormalities found in cultivated fields.

This information is used to identify and manage these abnormalities which enables the farmer to be more effective with his input costs, therefore maximizing profitability. A specialist from our TRIOMF Agri Xcellence team is readily available to be onsite providing expert advice and recommendations based on in-depth analysis. This, paired with valuable aftercare service, results in the improved management of input costs, more effective utilisation of resources and better farming practices

With the completion of the "Accurate-Agri" cycle, the farmer is able to make informed management decisions according to his farm's strengths and limitations. Through these expert recommendations the producer can be confident in receiving the best return on his investment.


  • Accurate-Agri enables farmland to be analysed in order to achieve the optimum yield per hectare and to determine the potential for the season
  • With this information, the correct lime and plant nutrition can be administrated at the right time and place
  • Without Accurate-Agri, under or over-fertilization can affect profitability (Many farmers are likely to cultivate fields and even entire farmlands in the same way – areas vary and so would the cultivation thereof)
  • More than just mere soil mapping is considered when developing and planting grids and maps which can vary according to grain rotation
  • If appropriate implements and tillage for a specific farmland are used, fuel can be saved and yields increased
  • Risks and uncertainties relating to farming can be reduced
  • Accurate-Agri offers complete grain recommendations and solutions
  • Accurate-Agri takes the first step when new / existing areas of farmland are being developed by doing a full risk and profitability evaluation to determine the characteristics and values of the soil
  • Accurate-Agri provides practical charts of zones set out on the farmland which identify the necessary management required



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