TRIOMF Zimbabwe

TRIOMF has been distributing to Zimbabwe since 2013, delivering the best of TRIOMF fertilizer products to agricultural producers in Zimbabwe. The full spectrum of TRIOMF products and services are available in Zimbabwe. As part of TRIOMF’s mission to assist the local farmers in Zimbabwe, the TRIOMF “Container Shops” was introduced. The first shipment of these container shops was shipped to Zimbabwe during March 2015, and have been placed in different parts of Zimbabwe next to main roads from where a local businessperson, after being approved by the community and local decisionmakers, will operate an agri-outlet. These containers are branded on the outside to inform the locals of the fertilizer and agri-chemical products that are available. This concept not only assists local businesses in avoiding the costs and logistics of constructing a building to trade from, or leasing a suitable premises, but also makes agri-products available in various local farming communities.

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